Brazilian keratin is a revolutionary treatment for hair, the biggest thing to hit the hair salon in years! If you have damaged hair or unmanageable hair, this new treatment is for you. It’s designed to benefit hair that is dry, frizzy, over processed, color treated, wavy or curly hair, fine hair or if you simply want to get that “fresh-from-the-hair-salon” look without spending a great deal of time blow drying and straightening your hair. Just about everyone can get great results – healthy & shiny hair, frizz-free and manageable hair that will cut blow drying hair in half and in some case even less then half..

This hair treatment doesn’t involve breaking down the hair and restructuring it, it does not involve any harsh chemical treatment process that can over process hair and leaves your hair in poor condition. The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is a universal product and can be used safely on just about any type of hair.

What sets our Brazilian Keratin Treatment apart from older technology chemical hair straighteners and relaxers? The answer is simple – this process doesn’t involve breaking down the hair and restructuring it. When it comes to keratin, its toughness is the key to the structural support it offers hair. Keratin’s durability and strength is the secret that improves the hair inside and out.

The Ira Michael hair salon is certified and trained to offer the Brazilian keratin treatment. The Brazilian keratin hair treatment will take approximately two hours or more, depending on your hair length and hair thickness.

Your hair will be frizz-free, and you will have your hair look healthy, shiny and beautiful and best of all it gives hair more body. It will take far less time to blow dry your hair! Most clients love the extra time they will have in the morning. The Brazilian keratin hair treatment should last approximately three to four months.

Call Ira Michael Hair Salon and set up an appointment to get a free consultation We will be analyzing all aspects of your hair and answer any questions you might have and then you will know what outcome you’ll get with this revolutionary hair treatment.

Ira Michael hair salon has been in business for over 35 years and is experienced in all aspects of hair. This hair treatment is something that you’ve always wanted to have with your hair - control, shine, less time blow drying hair, less hair frizz, more body. So call our salon now at 480-990-0096.